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Mortgage With a CCJ in Hull

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Mortgage With a CCJ in Hull

Looking at the possibilities of getting a mortgage with a CCJ in Hull.

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What CCJ statuses can we work with in Hull?

Obtaining a new mortgage can present various obstacles, and having a CCJ in Hull (County Court Judgement) on your credit history can add to the difficulty. A CCJ is an official decree made by a UK court to collect owed money. We have helped many clients in the past securing mortgages with the following CCJ conditions:

  • Satisfied.
  • Partially satisfied.
  • Unsatisfied.
  • Set aside due to error.
  • Expired.

Customers with one or more CCJs listed on their credit report frequently inquire about their eligibility for a mortgage. Fortunately, we are often able to provide assistance. Whether it’s for a new home purchase or a remortgage with a CCJ, our mortgage advisors in Hull will have options available.

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Mortgage With a CCJ in Hull

What type of mortgage can you get with a CCJ in Hull?

As a trusted mortgage broker in Hull, we can assist with:

  • Mortgages for first time buyers with a CCJ.
  • Mortgages for those moving homes with a CCJ.
  • Applications for joint or sole name mortgages with a CCJ.
  • Remortgage offers for those with a CCJ.
  • Mortgages for raising capital with a CCJ.
  • Debt consolidation and raising capital with a CCJ.
  • Interest only mortgage options for those with poor credit.
  • Mortgages for individuals over 60 looking to raise capital with bad credit.
  • Self employed individuals with a CCJ seeking a mortgage.

We are here to address all enquiries regarding obtaining a mortgage or remortgage with a CCJ in Hull, book your free mortgage appointment today.

Need help securing a mortgage with a CCJ in Hull?

As providers of expert mortgage advice in Hull, our team will guide you through the process and show you what’s possible. We offer assistance for both new mortgages and remortgages. Start your process by scheduling a call with one of our mortgage advisors to discuss your situation.

Having an updated credit report ready for our chat is important as it helps us accurately assess your options. Based on your credit report, your mortgage broker in Hull will identify the most suitable lender for your needs and offer their advice.

Keep in mind, that obtaining a mortgage with a CCJ in Hull is often just a temporary step towards a regular mortgage in the future, as long as you work on improving your credit score and meet the necessary lending criteria.

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Mortgages with CCJ FAQs in Hull

What is a CCJ in Hull?

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A County Court Judgement (CCJ) is an official order from the court in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland that may be recorded against you if you do not pay back the money you owe to a creditor. A CCJ can only be sought by a creditor after they have tried every other method to settle their debt with the borrower.

Can I remove a CCJ from my credit file in Hull?

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Upon getting a CCJ, there is a limited timeframe for you to clear the debt and remove it from your credit history. You will have a month given by the court to settle the outstanding balance.

If you succeed in doing so, the court will request the registry to delete the CCJ from your credit history. However, if you don’t repay the debt, the CCJ will stay on your credit file for six years as a permanent mark.

What if I have an unsatisfied CCJ in Hull?

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Once you’ve paid off your debt, you’ll have a satisfied County Court Judgment (CCJ). Failing to pay the debt will result in having an unsatisfied CCJ.

Typically, the more time that has elapsed since your CCJ was issued, the greater the likelihood of securing a mortgage in Hull, regardless of whether your CCJ is satisfied.

On the other hand, if your CCJ is fairly recent, within the past one or two years and is unsatisfied, it may be much harder to get a mortgage.

How many CCJs are too many for a mortgage in Hull?

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The number of CCJs on your credit report can affect your likelihood of obtaining a mortgage. Having one or two CCJs and a sizable down payment of around or over 25% may increase your chances of being approved by a mortgage lender.

However, if you have more than one or two CCJs in Hull, particularly recent ones, you may need a significant deposit to achieve mortgage approval.

In this scenario, it’s highly probable that a mortgage lender will reject your application. Additionally, some mortgage lenders have a limit on the number of CCJs they will accept from applicants. Even with a substantial deposit, if you exceed their limit, you’re unlikely to find success in securing a mortgage.

How can I rebuild my credit score after getting a CCJ in Hull?

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The CCJ in Hull will remain on your credit report for a total of six years starting from the date it was given, therefore, it would be wise to try and rebuild your credit

Our advice is to reduce the number of new credit applications and consistently meet your current financial obligations. Regularly reviewing your credit file and ensuring all personal information is accurate is also a wise habit to adopt.

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Our Simple 4-Step Process

Free Mortgage Appointment

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When you schedule a free mortgage appointment with one of our trusted mortgage advisors in Hull, it is essential for you to disclose details about your income and expenses.

This will enable us to accurately assess your affordability and provide you with the best mortgage options tailored to your specific situation.

We Can Search 1000s of Mortgage Deals

Step 2

While there are situations that might restrict your choices, our commitment is to explore 1000 mortgage options until we discover the most suitable solution for your unique circumstances.

We can also secure an agreement in principle (AIP) for you within 24-hours. This document can serve as support for any purchase offers you decide to put forward.

Submit Your Mortgage Application

Step 3

Once you have had an offer accepted, your mortgage advisor in Hull will go ahead and put in your complete mortgage application along with the necessary proof documents.

Rest assured, we'll handle every step of this process with utmost dedication and professionalism. Your journey towards securing that dream home is well underway!

Protecting You and Your Mortgage

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We don't just stop at securing you the best mortgage deal; we also strive to provide you with comprehensive guidance on insurance policies that can protect you and your loved ones from financial uncertainties.

Our aim is to offer you a holistic approach that covers both mortgage solutions and insurance options, ensuring that your financial well-being is our top priority.

Reasons to Choose Us

Free Mortgage Appointment in Hull

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Our mortgage advisors in Hull pride themselves on their honesty and putting your needs first. We provide a free mortgage appointment that can be scheduled online or over the phone.

With a wealth of experience under our belt at Hullmoneyman, we have dealt with a wide range of CCJ mortgage scenarios.

Regardless of the complexity of your circumstances, our team possesses the skills and know-how to assist you.

Search 1000s of Deals

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Our goal is to search through 1000s of mortgage options to try and find you a product that suits your scenario.

Having a CCJ in Hull and getting a mortgage can be difficult, that's why we are here to help. We work for you!

Our Service

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Should you need guidance on getting a mortgage with a CCJ in Hull, you've come to the right place!

Our team is dedicated to assisting you throughout the entire process. Boasting more than two decades of expertise, our mortgage advisors in Hull possess the skills to smoothly guide you along the path of obtaining a mortgage with a CCJ in Hull.

7 Days a Week

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Schedule a free mortgage appointment with us at a time that works for you. Whether it's in the morning, evening or on the weekend, we're here 7 days a week!

Feel free to reach out to us for any mortgage guidance you may need.

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Common Mortgage Situations with a CCJ in Hull

Get a Mortgage With a Satisfied CCJ in Hull

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If you have a satisfied CCJ in Hull, your chances of getting a mortgage are higher than if you do not satisfy it.

Although, just because you have settled a CCJ, it will not completely disappear from your file. It remains on your file for six years marked as satisfied.

It’s essential to consult with a mortgage broker in Hull before applying for a mortgage with a CCJ.

Mortgage Advice With a Part-Satisfied CCJ in Hull

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A part-satisfied CCJ is an instance where you opt to pay off a portion of the debt while leaving some unpaid.

Perhaps you have reached a settlement to repay the credit company. You can probably obtain a mortgage with a part-satisfied CCJ if you have a mortgage broker in Hull by your side.

Mortgage Advice With an Unsatisfied CCJ in Hull

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A CCJ that remains un-satisfied means that your debts are still unpaid and this status will stay on your credit report for 6 years, causing difficulty in obtaining mortgage approval.

The mortgage lender you are applying with will inquire about the details of the missed payment, including the reason for non-payment, the company it was owed to, and the amount, as part of their evaluation process.

Get a Mortgage With a Set-Aside or Cancelled CCJ in Hull

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A CCJ that has been cancelled or set-aside indicates that the CCJ was issued mistakenly or that payment was made within the specified waiting period before the CCJ was issued. Obtaining a mortgage with a set-aside or cancelled CCJ is highly achievable.

Get a Mortgage With an Expired CCJ in Hull

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Generally, a County Court Judgment (CCJ) remains on your credit report for a period of six years. Once this timeframe is up and assuming you have consistently made timely payments, your credit rating should be higher and the CCJ will not appear on your file.

Regardless of whether you settle the CCJ, it will be visible on your credit report for the full six years.

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