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HMO Mortgages in Hull

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HMO Mortgages in Hull

It is not unusual for an experienced landlord to want to get involved in HMO mortgages in Hull due to the potential higher yields on offer.

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What is a HMO mortgage in Hull?

A HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) mortgage is a type of mortgage specifically designed for properties that are rented out to multiple tenants who are not part of the same household.

In an HMO property, each tenant typically has their own individual tenancy agreement for their room, while they share communal areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

If you’re considering venturing into HMO mortgage in Hull, seeking mortgage advice from an expert mortgage advisor in Hull can help you navigate the mortgage process smoothly and effectively.

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HMO Mortgages in Hull

The Main Types of HMO Mortgage in Hull

Standard HMO Mortgages: These are mortgages specifically designed for properties that meet the definition of a House in Multiple Occupation. Standard HMO mortgages typically have higher deposit requirements and interest rates compared to residential mortgages due to the increased risk associated with multiple tenancies.

Large HMOs: Large HMO mortgages are for properties that have more than five tenants forming more than one household. These properties may require more extensive licensing and compliance with additional regulations, and lenders may have specific criteria for financing them.

Portfolio HMO Mortgages: Portfolio HMO mortgages are designed for landlords who own multiple HMO properties within their investment portfolio. These mortgages can offer flexibility and potentially better terms for investors managing multiple properties.

Refurbishment HMO Mortgages: Refurbishment HMO mortgages are aimed at investors who want to purchase a property with the intention of converting it into an HMO. These mortgages often provide funding not only for the purchase price but also for the renovation costs associated with converting the property into an HMO.

Limited Company HMO Mortgages: Limited company HMO mortgages are for investors who hold their HMO properties within a limited company structure rather than as individual landlords. These mortgages are tailored to the unique requirements and tax implications associated with corporate ownership of HMO properties.

The subject of HMO mortgage advice in Hull can be complicated therefore, having an expert buy to let HMO mortgage advisor on your side throughout the whole process will prove invaluable.

Mortgage Advice for HMO mortgages in Hull

As a trusted mortgage broker in Hull, we have a specialist buy to let group of mortgage advisors that have vast experience and knowledge within the HMO area.

We have many returning landlords who we help with all their lending needs, including their buy to let remortgages and bridging finance.

As part of our free HMO mortgage appointment, we’ll understand your needs and what you are looking to achieve with your new mortgage and recommend the best way forward for your personal situation.

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HMO Mortgage FAQs in Hull

What is the definition of a HMO property in Hull?

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A House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) property is defined as a residence where three or more tenants live, forming two or more separate households, and who share basic amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom, or toilet facilities.

HMO properties include shared houses, bedsits, some flats, and certain buildings converted into self-contained flats.

How much deposit do you need for an HMO in Hull?

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The amount of deposit required for an HMO mortgage can vary depending on the lender, the applicant’s financial circumstances, and the specific characteristics of the property.

Generally, lenders may require a higher deposit for HMO mortgages compared to residential mortgages, often ranging from 25% to 40% of the property’s value.

Can you get a residential mortgage on an HMO in Hull?

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It is generally not possible to obtain a residential mortgage for an HMO property.

Residential mortgages are intended for properties that will be occupied by the owner or their immediate family members as their primary residence.

Since HMO properties are rented out to multiple tenants, they are considered commercial investments and typically require a specific HMO mortgage.

What are the key considerations of HMO Mortgage in Hull?

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Key considerations for obtaining an HMO mortgage include:

  • Property Licensing: Ensure that the property meets all necessary licensing requirements for HMOs imposed by local authorities. Failure to comply with licensing regulations can affect mortgage eligibility and pose legal risks.
  • Property Suitability: Lenders may have specific criteria regarding the size, condition, and location of the HMO property they are willing to finance. Ensure that the property meets the lender’s requirements.
  • Rental Income: Lenders assess the potential rental income generated by the property to determine the affordability of the mortgage. Demonstrating a strong rental income stream is essential for securing financing.
  • Management Experience: Some lenders may require landlords to have prior experience managing HMO properties or owning rental properties in general.
  • Financial Stability: Lenders will evaluate the applicant’s financial stability, including credit history, income, and existing debt obligations, to assess their ability to repay the mortgage.

Can I get a HMO mortgage in Hull when I am self employed?

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Yes, it is possible to get an HMO mortgage when you are self employed in Hull. However, like any mortgage application, lenders will assess your income, credit history, and overall financial stability to determine your eligibility for the mortgage.

You may need to provide additional documentation to verify your income and demonstrate your ability to afford the mortgage repayments. Working with a mortgage broker experienced in HMO financing can help you navigate the application process and find suitable lenders.

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Our Simple 4-Step Process

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Step 1

One of our HMO mortgage advisors in Hull can help you determine your investment goals based on your financial situation and market conditions.

Finding a Suitable Product

Step 2

We can also explain the differences between interest-only and repayment mortgages, and help you decide which type of mortgage is best suited to your investment strategy, if you don't know so already.

Submit Your Mortgage Application

Step 3

This application will include all required documents, such as proof of income and identification. The lender will then assess your projected rental income to ensure you can afford monthly payments and any additional costs, such as maintenance and repairs.

Protecting You and Your Mortgage

Step 4

After obtaining your HMO mortgage in Hull and purchasing your rental property, it is important to maintain relevant insurance coverage to protect your and your mortgage.

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Pros and Cons of HMO Mortgages in Hull

Pros of HMO Mortgages

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Higher Rental Income Potential –  HMO properties often generate higher rental yields compared to traditional single-let properties. With multiple tenants, landlords can typically command higher rents, increasing overall income.

Occupancy Rates – HMO properties can accommodate various tenant types, such as students, young professionals, or individuals seeking shared accommodation. This diversity with tenants can provide more stable occupancy rates.

Continued Rental Income – With multiple tenants, the risk of a property being vacant is reduced. Even if one tenant leaves, the other rooms might still be occupied, ensuring continued rental income.

Tax Efficiency – Some buy to let landlords find tax advantages when owning HMOs, such as being able to offset mortgage interest against rental income before calculating tax.  As well as using a mortgage broker in Hull, seeking advice from a good reputable accountant is advised to maximise any tax savings.

Demand – Certain areas have consistent demand for shared accommodation due to factors like universities, job opportunities, or high rental costs, providing a relatively stable rental market. This is great news for HMO landlords!

Cons of HMO Mortgages

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Higher Initial Costs – Purchasing and maintaining an HMO property in Hull can be more expensive compared to a single-let property due to licensing, compliance, and potentially higher purchase prices.

Management of HMO Properties – Managing multiple tenants, maintenance, and compliance with HMO regulations can be more complex and time-consuming compared to single-let properties.

Many of our HMO landlords choose to manage their properties themselves as lots of local letting agents do not offer the service.

Licensing and Regulations –  HMO properties often require specific licensing and compliance with strict regulations, which may vary by location.

Keeping up with these regulations can be demanding and time-consuming. There are lots of rules to adhere to when buying and maintaining a HMO property with some big fines in place for non-compliance.

Limited HMO Mortgage Options – Not all lenders offer HMO mortgages, and those that do may have stricter criteria, higher interest rates, or require larger deposits compared to standard buy let mortgages.

Without the help of an experienced HMO mortgage broker in Hull on your side, you may struggle to find the best deal and meet the criteria.

Potential Higher Void Periods – Despite the advantage of multiple tenants, if a significant portion of the rooms become vacant simultaneously, landlords might face higher void periods without rental income.

HMOs work best when the landlord has cash and income available from other places to cover these voids.

Understanding these pros and cons is crucial for landlords considering HMO mortgages. It’s important to weigh these factors against individual circumstances and your property investment goals before proceeding with this type of investment.

As always, speaking with a HMO mortgage advisor in Hull alongside a reputable accountant is recommended so you are receiving complete advice in this area.

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