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Mortgage Broker in Melton

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It's free to speak with a mortgage advisor 7 days a week, 8am - 10pm

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Mortgage Broker in Melton

& Surrounding Areas

It's free to speak with a mortgage advisor 7 days a week, 8am - 10pm

Speak to an Advisor - It's free! 01482 772986

Mortgage Advice in Melton

The mortgage process can be a stressful and often confusing experience. Our job as a mortgage broker in Melton is to take all of the stress away so that you can move into your new home or follow through with your property purchase with peace of mind.

Our service isn’t just about finding you any old mortgage product, your mortgage advisor in Melton will conduct an in-depth analysis of your mortgage situation to find a mortgage product tailored to your personal and financial situation. We are able to search 1000s of mortgage products on your behalf via our large panel of mortgage lenders.

We will also try and find you a deal that saves you time and money. As a mortgage broker in Melton, we work for you, and you only!

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Your Mortgage Options in Melton

All of our Customers Receive a Free Mortgage Appointment!

Because we consider all mortgage situations, every customer can benefit from a free mortgage appointment. All that you have to do is give us a call or book online!

Arranging your free mortgage appointment online has never been easier, you can select a date and time that works best for you. Our team work 7 days a week to ensure that you can book a mortgage appointment around your busy personal and working life. We have appointments available during the morning, afternoon or late at night.

If you would rather schedule a callback, feel free to give us a call when you can to get this arranged.

We have been working as a mortgage broker in Melton for over 20 years now; working with many different types of mortgage applicants. This has let us encounter a variety of mortgage scenarios, including complex and specialist cases. There is not a mortgage situation we have not come across!

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Your Mortgage Options in Melton

First Time Buyer Mortgages in Melton

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It can be quite stressful to embark on your first mortgage journey, especially because you don’t know where to start! Your first task is to work out your affordability for a mortgage so that you can find out how much you can borrow. As a mortgage broker in Melton, we can find this out for you through our first time buyer mortgage calculators.

We will be able to provide you with an accurate figure as to how much you can borrow for a mortgage in Melton. If you are struggling to save for a mortgage, you should consider looking at Help to Buy schemes to boost your initial deposit. There are many Help to Buy schemes available to you as a homebuyer in Melton and they could give you that extra boost that you need.

Moving Home Mortgages in Melton

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When you are moving home in Melton, you have to consider that you are buying a property at the same time as selling one. We want to take away all of the stress that comes with moving home and handle the whole mortgage side of the process for you. This means that you can catch your breath and focus on the moving process.

From your initial point of contact to getting your keys, our mortgage advisors in Melton will be right by your side throughout the whole mortgage process.

Buy to let Mortgage Melton

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If you are a current or budding landlord in Melton, getting the perfect mortgage product for your buy to let property could help you save money by reducing your repayments.

We can help you find that mortgage product for your buy to let. Our buy to let mortgage advisors in Melton can also help you with your let to buy, HMO or interest-only mortgage in Melton.

Remortgaging in Melton

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Remortgage is the process of switching from your current mortgage deal to a new one. Whether this is through the same lender via a product transfer or a new lender, you would hope to get a better rate and reduce your payments. You would look to remortgage before your current mortgage comes to an end so that you do not fall onto your lender’s standard variable rate of interest.

The interest is likely higher than your current rate and you would see your monthly repayments increase. Our job is to help you find a new competitive mortgage product to switch over to. We will search through 1000s of remortgage deals in order to find you the perfect product for your property.

Your remortgage advisor in Melton will look at your personal and financial situation to determine what sort of deals you are able to access. If you are unable to get a better rate, we will be open and honest with you and advise you to continue with your current rate. If you want to explore your other remortgage options, we can help you with raising funds for home improvements, consolidating debt and releasing equity.

Self Employed Mortgages Melton

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If you are self employed in Melton, the mortgage process will be similar to other scenarios, with one key difference – the requirement to provide evidence of your income.

Our mortgage advisor in Melton will guide you on the additional documents you need to provide. Just like with other mortgage types, they will conduct an affordability assessment and explore the available deals suitable for you.

Mortgage Options for Over 50s in Melton

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If you are looking to explore your mortgage options at the age of over 50, we have a dedicated later-life team you can speak with. There are many options that you may not be aware of that we can run through with you.

Book a free mortgage appointment with a mortgage advisor in Melton online or by giving us a call today.

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Our Simple 4-Step Process

Book Online

Step 1

The first step is for you to book your free mortgage appointment online or by giving us a call. You will be paired with a mortgage advisor in Melton that specialises in your situation.

Free Mortgage Apppointment

Step 2

During your appointment, your mortgage advisor in Melton will ask you questions surrounding your personal and financial situation, this will allow them to search through 1000s of mortgage products in order to find the most suitable one for you.

Finding a Suitable Product

Step 3

Once we have found you a perfect mortgage product, it is up to you whether or not you want to continue with us. If you are happy with the deal, we can then begin preparing your mortgage application. From this point, you will be assigned to a dedicated case manager who will help you prepare your application and submit it to the lender.

Submit Your Application

Step 4

Once you have submitted your application, the next step is to wait for your response. When we hear the good news, we will be in touch straight away! All that is left to do is to get the keys to your new property!

Reasons to Choose us

Free Appointment in Melton

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As a responsive mortgage broker in Hull, you can book your free mortgage appointment online 7 days a week. This means that you are able to select a date and time that best suits you and your busy schedule.

Contact your mortgage broker in Hull for expert advice and a free mortgage appointment today.

Search 1000s of products

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During any mortgage journey, our friendly mortgage advisors in Hull our panel of lenders include 1000s of mortgage products for you to access. We have both high street and specialist products available for you to take out – we will always try to save you time and money.

Our Service

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Providing open and honest mortgage advice in Hull we love helping customers through their mortgage journey, from start to finish we will hold your hand through the process to help you secure the keys to your new property. Our service does not go noticed, over our 20 years of helping mortgage applicants, we have generated a variety of outstanding customer reviews. Feel free to take a look to see whether we have helped someone in a similar situation to yourself.

7 Days a Week

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Getting mortgage advice in Melton has never been easier. We have free, helpful mortgage guides across our site to give you useful tips and explainers on everything mortgage. You can also find a bunch of great useful content across our social channels and YouTube channel – MoneymanTV.

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Common Mortgage Questions in Melton

How much deposit do I need for a mortgage in Melton?

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When looking for a mortgage in Melton, it’s crucial to keep in mind that most lenders usually require you to provide a minimum deposit of 5% of the property’s value. Nevertheless, depending on your credit score, you might be required to offer a higher deposit of 10% to 15% or even more.

If you’re curious about your potential borrowing capacity for a mortgage in Melton, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

Can I get a second mortgage in Melton?

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As a mortgage broker in Melton, we’ve managed to help numerous clients in securing second or multiple mortgages for various purposes, such as buy to lets, let to buys, holiday lets, and more.

Typically, obtaining an additional mortgage entails providing a substantial deposit, having a favourable credit score, and possessing the financial means to cover two significant mortgage payments each month.

We highly recommend consulting with a mortgage advisor in Melton to evaluate your eligibility before taking out another mortgage.

When should I obtain an agreement in principle in Melton?

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As a mortgage broker in Melton, we recommend securing an Agreement in Principle (AIP) as early as possible when searching for a mortgage, preferably before scheduling property viewings.

With an AIP in hand while house hunting, you could potentially have more leverage in negotiating the seller’s asking price.

Can I get a mortgage in Melton with previous credit problems?

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Obtaining a mortgage in Melton with a history of credit problems can be challenging, but not impossible. The severity of your past credit issues and the time elapsed since they occurred will impact the outcome of your application. Keep in mind that lenders will carefully assess your credit history to determine the risk of lending you money.

You may need to provide a larger initial deposit to be able to secure a mortgage with bad credit in Melton. This is usually around 10%-15% of the property price.

If you need specialist mortgage advice in Melton, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of mortgage experts.

How does the mortgage process work in Melton?

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If you are looking to take out a mortgage and need help from a mortgage broker in Melton, you should know about our simple, fast and friendly process.

When you contact us, one of our mortgage advisors located in Melton will conduct a Fact Find to understand your mortgage requirements. After you have completed this, your designated mortgage advisor in Melton will search for a mortgage product tailored to your personal financial situation. If you are satisfied with the proposed mortgage product, we will proceed with preparing your mortgage application.

We will then conduct a credit check on your behalf to obtain an agreement in principle. Additionally, you will need to provide us with supporting documents to strengthen your mortgage application.

Finally, we will submit your mortgage application and wait for a formal mortgage offer to be granted.

Can you get me an Agreement in Principle within 24 Hours

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As part of our responsive service, we can get you a mortgage agreement in principle within 24 hours of your free mortgage appointment. Your AIP can be used to support your offers on properties and sometimes help you negotiate the asking price with your seller.

If your AIP expires, you can come and speak with a mortgage broker in Melton like us, and we will renew it right away for you!

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