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USEFUL GUIDE 3 – Why use a Mortgage Broker?

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Not everyone needs to use a Mortgage Broker, your application could seem extremely straightforward and you might be in no particular hurry for it to go through for example. As such you could feel you can get a decent deal going direct without paying a broker working on it for you.

However, (and you would expect me to say this!) there are some very good reasons why you should at least consider using us to ensure your mortgage goes through as smoothly as possible – here are 10 of them:

10 Reasons to use a Mortgage Broker

1) We work for you not the Banks – you approach us asking for help because you are buying a property or looking to remortgage and wherever possible we want to help you. We only get paid if your mortgage completes so we want the same outcome as you.  Our role is to recommend the most suitable mortgage for you from the Lenders we work with tailor-made to your individual needs, it’s not just a “tick-box” experience that you might get if you went direct to a Bank

2) We are responsive – you contact us and we’ll contact you back without exception. I just don’t think it’s acceptable that Banks keep you on hold, won’t grant you an appointment quickly or don’t respond to your messages and we like to think we do this better than them. We don’t keep you waiting, there’s no call centre overseas or otherwise. We realise arranging a mortgage can be a stressful experience and we want you to be able to communicate with us easily – and you can expect a timely reply if you leave a message

3) Years of Experience – we’ve been doing this for years. Lots of years. Yes you will pay a fee but you are buying in to all that experience, knowing which Lenders meet your exact needs and which Lenders service standards are better than others if you’re in need of a swift turnaround. Nothing much surprises us now, if something goes wrong along the way (for example on the survey) you can be assured we will almost certainly have seen it all before and be able to help you overcome the issue.

4) Exclusive Mortgage Products – some Lenders use Mortgage Brokers a bit like a tap that they can turn on and off. From time to time they may have lending targets to hit and to get to the top of our comparison tables they will offer exclusive products that you can only get via Brokers, not through the Lender’s own branch network. We love it when we can save you some money.

5) Home Visits Available – we like going to see our clients in their own homes if that is more convenient for them. Many Banks are city-centre based where you have to mess about getting parked up. We come to you and it’s great for us as you’ll feel relaxed in your own environment and you can easily lay your hands on any documentation required for your mortgage application.

6) We can argue your case – we’ve been submitting mortgage applications for so long now we know how to present a case in such a way to give it the best chance of success. We will request all your documentation up-front before a Lender even asks for it so we know your financial situation inside out. We call this “Knowing our Customer”. That way, when a Lender asks us a question we know the answer already or have all the proofs and evidences on file to resolve their query quickly. We have excellent points of contact at all the Lenders we work with and they tell us that our clients’ mortgage offers come out much quicker than other Brokers due to the professional way our cases our presented. We’re really proud of that. We can utilise our established contacts with the Lenders to get them to see common-sense when an application isn’t perhaps quite ticking all of the right boxes.

7) Wider Choice of Products – when we meet up to talk through your mortgage options we will discuss all the various options, e.g. fixed rates, trackers, offset, variable etc etc and recommend the most suitable one for your needs. Because we are not tied to any one Bank or Building Society we can offer you a wider range of products so you end up with a mortgage you are happy with. Remember we take responsibility for the recommendation so it’s important we always get this bit right for you.

8) Out of Hours working – we know you’re busy and we can always accommodate out of hours appointments where necessary to work around our clients’ busy schedules. This means we can see you on your lunch-break at work, at weekends, or after work on an evening. It’s an occupational hazard for us, we’re used to it and we’re always happy you’ve chosen us to help you with your mortgage needs.

9) Specialists in Lending Criteria – often our clients are square pegs who have been looking in round holes. Quite often the first thing a new client says to us is “I’ve got a complicated situation” – we love complicated situations! Each Lender has their own niche in the market, some are better with self-employed, some like debt consolidation, some Lenders are more generous on affordability, some have more forgiving credit scores. They are all different and you can rely on our knowledge and experience to know where to look. Some Lenders that we work with can consider applicants with adverse credit registered against them, if that sounds like you then we’d like to see an up to date copy of your credit report as quickly as possible. In fact it’s a useful document to obtain for anyone who needs a mortgage.

10) One Single point of contact – we have a great team and as your application progresses hopefully you’ll get to know some of them. However your Mortgage Advisor will always be your principal point of contact if you need information or are concerned about anything. Of course we are in client meetings a lot of the time but you’ll have a mobile number and email address so if you can’t get straight through you can easily leave a message. Your Advisor will really care about you and your application and please feel free to contact them day or night.

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