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We recommend looking for a new deal if your current fixed-rate mortgage deal ends within the next 6 months.  This is the optimum time to speak with our Remortgage Advisor Team.  Especially if you think interest rates might go up between now and the end of your product.

At one time, remortgage offers only lasted for 3 months but it is much more usual for Lenders to hold offers open for 6 months.  Enabling you to lock your deal well in advance and therefore keep the period of lapsing onto the standard variable rate to a bare minimum.

In fact, if you are really organised you might spend less than 24 hours on a standard variable rate when the time comes!

Loyal customers

Your existing lender may or may not offer you a new deal to stay with them.  However, and annoyingly these “retention” or “product transfer” mortgages are often less attractive than the deals offered to new customers.

This murky practice summarises some large corporations in a nutshell – Customer Loyalty gets you nowhere!

Speak to a remortgage advisor

Lenders know if you remortgage away to a different lender you will be asked to provide new documentation.   So there is the hassle of switching elsewhere.  Often, they try and capitalise on this by offering an average product but with a very slick service – don’t be caught out by this!

If the savings are minimal or non-existing then a good Remortgage Advisor will recommend you stay where you are but if you don’t shop around you will never know.

Doing nothing

A large number of customers never sign in to a new deal.  A mortgage lenders dream! You are paying back more each month than you need to be.

Our remortgage service

In the future, technology will make the process of switching Lenders much quicker.  However, for a little bit of hassle of some time on the phone with a Remortgage Advisor and sending over some documents you really can save yourself a lot of money.

Our experienced Remortgage Advisor team are always on hand to help you.  They’ll talk through your options and to answer any questions you may have.  It’s all part of the service!
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