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Get Mortgage Ready in Hull

We’ll help you get ‘mortgage ready’

With email and social media property alerts, an estate agent can now market a property to hundreds of potential buyers within seconds and wait for the phone to ring. With this in mind, if you’re seriously property hunting, you’re going to need to be ‘mortgage ready’.

Being mortgage-ready will allow you to move fast if you receive an alert for the property you want to go for, and will potentially speed up the starting process by a considerable amount of time. With the shortage of housing, especially in some of the more popular areas, it’s certainly a seller’s market at the moment.

Getting ‘mortgage ready’ in Hull

We offer all of our customers a free, no-obligation mortgage consultation over the phone, which ends up working best for some people. Daytime, evening or weekend is not a problem for us.

We’ll listen to your individual situation and answer all of your questions, not just about the mortgage, about the whole home buying process. Which can be even more stressful if you are a First Time Buyer in Hull.

Following our consultation, we’ll be in a position to recommend the most suitable mortgage for you. You’ll also receive an agreement in principle certificate to back up any offers you make.

This certificate will prove to the estate agent that you have spoken to a mortgage advisor and you’re a serious buyer.

Our ‘4-step’ mortgage advice procedure

– A phone call or meeting, where we are able to take some information and find out what you are looking to do. We’ll then recommend the best mortgage for you.

– Finding a property!

3 – Before you make an offer – we’ll finalise your figures and help you to get a good deal.

4 – We’ll start the application process and process your mortgage right through to you getting your keys.  We’ll also provide help and support during the whole process and help resolve any hurdles we come across along the way.

Not ready for a mortgage yet?

Don’t worry about it, it is never too early to talk with a Mortgage Broker in Hull about your situation. Any questions you may have can all be answered and you’ll know when you may be in a position to proceed.

If you have a low score, then there are various credit reference agencies that you can sign up with to see a copy of your credit file. Click here

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