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Christmastime is Perfect for Property Hunting in Hull

Mortgage Advice For Property Hunting Around Christmas

It is suddenly becoming the best time of year to begin surfing properties in Hull. This is simply because of the New Year Rush. In-between Christmas and New Year there is historically a spike in online property viewings. It’s a period when family members are off work, have time to spare, and are together to find a new home. Our team will be available during this period to help, providing Open and Honest Mortgage Advice in Hull this Christmas. Our Mortgage Advisors will be on hand to provide guidance and support and to answer all of your questions.

Why Speak to a Mortgage Advisor in Hull this Christmas?

Due to the pent-up demand in the market, we predict January will be a busy month for property searching. Getting ahead of the game in December will ensure that you are ‘Mortgage Ready’. Thus, potentially increasing your chances of having your offer accepted, ahead of less organised competitors, in the new year.    

Speaking to a Mortgage Advisor in Hull this December will hopefully put your mind at rest, save you valuable time and your money. We’ll do this by giving you an accurate borrowing capacity and monthly repayment figure, a personalised recommendation. Our Mortgage Advice team are ready and waiting for you to get in touch.

New Year Rush Mortgage Advice in Hull

If you are a First Time Buyer looking for a home, we would recommend that you speak to an Expert Mortgage Broker in Hull, like us for help with the whole home buying process. Our fantastic team of Mortgage Advisors in Hull will take care of you and try their best to secure you the best mortgage deal for your personal situation and be there for you throughout the purchase.  

With 2020 almost upon us, what better way to start it by property hunting for your new home?


If you are moving home in Hull, January is always the busiest time of the year for estate agents. To be ahead of the game, and to avoid the rush, there’s no time like the present. Considering getting several estate agents near you to value your home, take pictures and get your property listing ready to go live will be worthwhile.   

From your initial conversations, the process of getting your home listed on the main property selling sites will take approximately two weeks.   

Also, seeking Mortgage Advice in Hull, early in the process will give you an advantage. You’ll be equipped with answers to all your questions and be agreed in principle. Ready for when you get that all-important offer call.

Gifted Deposits

Gifted Deposits from family members are a brilliant way to help with a new property purchase. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a home mover looking to move up the ladder. Help is usually from parents and/or grandparents, often making the mortgage payment more affordable per month.   

In Hull, we are very lucky to have lower house prices than other cities in the UK meaning property is much more affordable. Find out more Gifted Deposit Mortgage Advice in Hull here.

Christmastime Mortgage Advice in Hull

As Experts within the Mortgage world, we carry lots of valuable knowledge that will help you through the mortgage process. Whether you are a First-Time Buyer or a current homeowner who hasn’t moved home in a while, our service could still prove highly beneficial and help you out with your mortgage problems. You can get in touch with our skilful team of Mortgage Advisors in Hull today and receive a Free Initial Mortgage Consultation. 

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