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Brexit: What Happens Next?

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How does it affect your mortgage?

Everything Brexit related is up in the air and uncertainty is in the minds of many. This makes it hard to find reliable advice online regarding Brexit. Many people have been struggling when it comes to deciding upon which is the right path to go down in terms of the property market, potentially missing out on golden opportunities which could have benefitted them in the long run.

Due to previously experiencing how the Property Market has been influenced by external factors like political situations affecting the country as a whole, our Mortgage Advisors in Hull are preparing for the future by looking at potential outcomes for customers post-Brexit. It feels like there is lots of pent-up demand out there at the moment.

It is because of this that we are advising our clients to at least get the full scope of their options. Especially if they’re planning on just waiting and seeing, which may not work out in their favour. If you are looking to move house in 2020, we would advise you to have a chat with us sooner rather than later. This will make the process to go smooth and easy; this can be accomplished whilst the East Agents are quiet at this time of year.

Mortgage Advice in Hull – Opening up Brexit Options

Preparing your home for a sale and getting it on the market can often take a few weeks. This includes the two or three valuations to get a secured opinion, the time for you to choose your preferred Estate Agent, sign your agency agreement and get the photos finalised.

Furthermore, waiting may not be in your favour as other people could be in the same mindset as you. By the time your home comes on the market in the new year – so will theirs. The more houses that are on the market means the more options there are for the potential homebuyers. This could possibly drive prices down.

By getting ahead of the market and getting your home valued now will mean many things, to list a few:

– You’re prepared nice and early: when the decision of Brexit is finally announced you have all the information there available at your fingertips.

– No obligation: the decision to sell is all yours. It is not a means to an end but it’s giving you a head start.

– Improvements can be made: If you do decide to sell you have the incentive to spruce up your property. If you choose not to, you already know the figures and the feedback to possibly get the figure higher by carrying out home improvements.

So if you’re thinking of moving home in 2020 or the near future, contact your local Mortgage Advisor in Hull, to discuss your mortgage options. We offer all customers a free no-obligation consultation.

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