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Company Recognition: Annual Awards at Hullmoneyman

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Hullmoneyman Employee Recognition

Meet the Champions

Today we are celebrating a great year at Hullmoneyman, your local Mortgage Broker in Hull. We would like to take a moment to recognise the achievements of our amazing employees. Having all worked so hard this year, it feels good that everything has paid off.

Here at your Local Mortgage Broker in Hull, Hullmoneyman, we always go above and beyond for our customers and love helping you get through any mortgage hurdle. As an experienced Mortgage Broker in Hull, we know how to give 100% customer satisfaction, ensuring that they feel valued and acknowledged during the mortgage process.

With this in mind, we would like to share with you how our 2019 annual awards went and show you the champions.

Reviews Champion – Laura Aves

Laura has collected an incredible 294 reviews within the last 12 months (40% of the total reviews collected as a company). We know that it’s not the easiest thing to do and it does require you to be a bit cheeky but that didn’t stop her.

Laura has been consistently excellent throughout the year and we all appreciate her efforts in the company. We just can’t wait to smash that record next year!

Well done Laura!

1st – James Lawson

James got nominated for his enthusiasm, excellent teamwork and bringing new ideas to the team. This included a new a social media idea for the upcoming year.

He’s got through a tonne of marketing work whilst Dan & Lee were off and has picked things up quickly and is doing a great job with coding on the websites. In a tough market, the website rankings have increased which is a great achievement.

Keep up the great work James!

2nd – Jo Parnell

Joe had been nominated by all of the advisors for helping them out with tricky cases, payslip queries, technical problems and for giving her all to make sure that they get the right information when they need it.

Joe has also been nominated for helping with a really difficult case which everyone really appreciated. This is exactly the sort of attitude we love seeing in the workplace.

This is why you deserve being one of our annual champions Jo!

3rd – Mizna Coates

Many thanks to Mizna for spending time with the admin team doing protection training, the feedback we received had been amazing!

This allows them to carry out their role with a better understanding of products and services. You are always around when the admin team run into problems and you manage to provide solutions for them when they ask for help.

We all appreciate your help Mizna, Thankyou!

Everyone is a Champion at Hullmoneyman!

Here’s to Another Great Year!

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